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How Good is Your Olive Oil?

All Olive Oil is not created equally.
Surprised?  Don't be.  
I was appalled recently when I learned that there is a whole industry of fake Olive Oil that stretches back to Ancient Rome.  Today, Olive Oil is not only being mislabeled, but most of the time it isn't even Olive Oil (GASP!!).  In some sneaky cases, poor quality Olive Oil is being mixed with Vegetable Oil (GMOs, anyone??) and labeled as Extra Virgin.  Tisk, tisk!
After leaving California many years ago, I had the hardest time finding really delicious Olive Oil; the kind you would actually enjoy sipping from a spoon.  It's true - great quality, REAL Olive Oil is truly a delicious treat!  
Then I happened upon Zoe Greek Olive Oil and I was in Heaven.  It has a slightly green tinge, and a green, grassy, fruity flavor that makes me run for the nearest fluffy loaf to soak it up with.  If you've had pure, raw, Olive Oil then you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Olive Oil has been increasingly used as a cooking and frying oil in the past decade, but its value lies in its raw form and depth of flavor.

Drinking 1-2 tablespoons of high quality EVOO daily is known to increase your life span and attributes to good health.  Who can argue with that?  
While we are all using drugs and chemicals to attain the fountain of youth, all it costs is $40 per gallon and is derived directly from Mother Earth.
Do yourself and your family a favor and invest the extra money in good quality EVOO.  Use it for cooking, seasoning, drizzling, moisturizing (skin and hair), removing make up, healing wounds, and lengthening eye lashes!  I've tried most of these myself (all but removing my make up and wound healing), so I can attest to the wonderfully cosmetic, delicious, and healing properties of this oil in its purest, rawest form.
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