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Real Moms, Real Talk:

A series of interviews from Amazing Moms who do Amazing things!

Real Moms, Real Talk is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I've finally set the wheels in motion.  
In this series, I'll be interviewing Amazing Moms who are doing very real and Amazing things involving, but not limited to: caring for themselves, working, building businesses, going back to school, moving a family across state borders or overseas, recovering from horrific illnesses, and learning to love themselves again after divorce, just to name a few.
Each post will highlight one Amazing Mom and the Amazing things she's doing for herself and her family.
Stay tuned for the first interview with Crochet Artist, Jen Chester, on Creative Self-care!
If you'd like to participate or know somebody who would be a great fit for this piece, please contact me directly at or text me at 917-524-8206 
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