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When Life Takes a Left Turn ...

It's Time to Rewrite Your Map!

Looking back on your 10 year plan, what were your dreams and aspirations for your Self, your Life, your career?  Do they match up with your current standing today?  Maybe, but unlikely.  
When Life takes a left turn and pushes you off of the path you've carefully planned for yourself, what are you to do besides rewrite your map?
We've all been there; young, aspiring to become a certain type of person living a certain type of life as we age into our adult selves.  We create these identities based on social norms (or abnorms) and make ourselves believe this is who we are, who we want to be, who the world expects us to be.
Before we know it decades have passed; we've earned degrees, bought and sold homes, maybe we married, maybe we travelled, some may have devoted their lives to parenthood, others may have devoted their lives to careers.
But what it all boils down to is this: does your image of the Life you wanted for yourself match up with your reality today?  I think that for many of us this is a huge mismatch. 
Once you've taken time to accept this there is only one thing you can do, and that is to change your perspective.  Leave behind the ideation of who you thought you would be at this time, or where you imagined yourself living, or how far you should've progressed in your career by a certain age.  All of it is meaningless and a great cause of stress.  
Instead, embrace your Life for what it is!  Look around you and find Blessings everywhere you can!  
In other words, get over it.
This may be a hard pill to swallow for some.  For others, maybe a great relief that their path diverged and brought them to where they are today.  In either case, embrace, live consciously, be grateful, and throw away your old map.  It's time to upgrade to reflect new times and new changes ahead.
Shift your perspective for a fresh new take on what is already yours.
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